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HCS Computer User.

Your one-stop shop, where everything is under one roof!

Pick between Custom Built Computers, Retro Game Consoles (HCS64), Buying and Selling. HeathShops has it all, all under one virtual roof!

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4.4ghz, 8gb DDR4, GeForce 1030, 1tb HDD and 240gb SSD

From £736.99


5.2ghz, 16gb DDR4, GeForce 3080, 1tb Seagate FireC

From £2,989.99

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4.2ghz, 16gb DDR4, GeForce 2060, 1tb Seagate HDD and 240gb SSD

From £1,459.99

Want Something A Little Different?

Managed by Damon James Heath

Offering an excellent fair-trade service with HeathShops

We offer an excellent fair-trade service and aim to create a win-win scenario where everyone feels comfortable. Whether you're buying a computer, or having one built, we WILL meet your needs for a price you CAN afford! If you want to sell something to us, we let you make the first offer on a price. We can then negotiate a price both parties are happy with.  If you're not sure what price to offer, we're also happy to make the first suggestion. Customers are free to decline offers made by us at any time with no negative consequences. To get started, just head to our HMB&S page now!